Inspired by my participation in the Printmakers Against Racism global art sale, I decided to continue to contribute my art for good. If you would like to support this ongoing project, here’s how it works:
1. Donate at least $30 to ANY of the following organizations:

2. After you receive confirmation of your donation from the organization, take a screenshot of your donation screen and email me at charitycapiliellis(at) OR complete the donation tracking form:

3. I will send you a packet of various printed goodies via snail mail (sorry—US addresses only) as a THANK YOU for your support. 

• You will be donating directly through the organization's website. I am not collecting any money. 
• I am only tracking the amount donated to record the total giving for the project
• The individual contents of the 'packet of printed goodies' may vary according to the number of prints available and donations made. 
• If you have any questions, please email me at charitycapiliellis(at)

Thank you for you support! 
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