From April 2-11 I will take part in a virtual fundraiser with “Printmakers Against Racism” to raise money for the American Civil Liberties Union and Asian Americans Advancing Justice Los Angeles
If you would like to support the fundraiser, here’s how it works:
1. Donate at least $30 to EITHER organization:
American Civil Liberties Union
Asian Americans Advancing Justice Los Angeles

2. After you receive confirmation of your donation from the organization, take a screenshot of your donation screen and complete the donation tracking form:

3. After April 11, I will send you a packet of printed goodies via snail mail (sorry—US addresses only) as a THANK YOU for your support. 

• You will be donating directly through the organization's website. I am not collecting any money. 
• I am only tracking the amount donated to record the total for the larger fundraiser with “Printmakers Against Racism.”
• The individual contents of the 'packet of printed goodies' may vary according to the number of prints available and donations made. 
• If you have any questions, please DM me.

Thank you for you support! 
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