50/50 Show: Gifts In Kindess (2019)
Inspired by PETA’s 2018 list of animal-friendly expressions, the body of work displayed here are playful alternatives of familiar sayings that have been reworked with “kindness to all” in mind. 
I have also included a set of “kindness to self” pieces that reminds us that our thoughts and choices have the power to influence how we perceive our own situations and the world around us. You have the courage to ‘swim storms’ and ‘fly above’ to ‘grow goodness’ all around you. 

Eager Beaver
Eager Weaver
Bring Home the Bacon
Bring Home the Bagels
Frog in My Throat
Clog in My Throat
The Goose is Cooked
The Juice is Squeezed
Let the Cat Out of the Bag
Spill the Beans
Snake in the Grass
Rake in the Grass
All Bark and No Bite
All Spark and No Light
The Early Bird Gets the Worm
The Early Head Gets the Perm
Living High on the Hog
Living High in the Fog
Hold Your Horses
Hold Your Horseradishes
Fish in a Barrel
Wishes in a Well
Kill Two Birds with One Stone
Feed Two Birds with One Scone
Wild Goose Chase
Wild Foot Race
Fish Out of Water
Wish Out of a Well
Bigger Fish to Fry
Bigger Dishes to Dry
No room to swing a cat
No room to fling a hat
The Straw that Broke the Camel's Back
The step that made the concrete crack
The world is your oyster
The world is your joystick
Put all your eggs in one basket
Put all your berries in one basket
Raining cats and dogs
Raining bats and balls
Blow Wishes
Charge Fear
Eradicate Ignorance
Strike Inspiration
Fight Injustice
Fly Above
Grow Goodness
Spring Kindness
Surprise Love
Swim Storms

Letterpress Goodness

50/50 Show: Hope in the Ordinary (2018)
The body of work displayed here is an exploration of ordinary and found objects elevated through their playful interaction and juxtaposition. The alchemy of each ‘experience’ is unique to each viewer because of the journey that led you to this moment. Our own lives are filled with unruly twists and turns, triumphs, challenges, unconventional pairings, undeniable mysteries, and moments that force us into stillness. The unpredictable landscapes in our own timeline reinforces our human desire to connect with the world around us as we find our own sense of purpose.

Visual Storytelling