Event Design
8th Grade Majors Fair
In collaboration with the Academic Service Learning Center at Azusa Pacific University, I designed the event materials and environmental graphics for their annual 8th Grade Majors Fair. The purpose of the event is to educate 8th Graders about the different career paths that are available to them and to familiarize them with the different college majors that will lead them to their career. 

Print Collateral and Publications

Marketing materials and event logos created for St. Lucy's Priory High School.
Black History Month 2019-2017
Loyola Marymount University

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Designed the identity and the main illustration for Loyola Marymount University's 
Black History Month 2019 festivities.

A publication for the St. Lucy's Priory High School community.

I was fortunate enough to be on a team to produce an Annual Report for CADRE through the Taproot Foundation. CADRE's mission is to solidify and advance parent leadership to ensure that all children are rightfully educated regardless of where they live. They seek to effect policy change and mobilize political will through new parent participation models that preserve and expand the right to education for all South LA children and youth. For more information, visit http://cadre-la.org.